Certificate in Digital Money

Get a complete view of digital payments ranging from, mechanics, business models, risks, competition and disruption.

Certified by the Fletcher School
– Tufts University

Start date

29 January 2020


12 weeks to complete

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Should you take this course?

  • Yes, I wish to gain a complete understanding of digital payments and emerging digital financial services.
  • Yes, I am a professional working to drive the financial inclusion agenda.
  • Yes, I hope to accelerate my career and lead teams in digital finance solutions.

Why is this course for you?

  • Gain knowledge. You’ll get an integrated 360-degree view of digital payments and the core areas of digital financial services.
  • Become a thought leader. You’ll become familiar with a standard set of concepts and vocabulary to confidently participate in conversations and exchange ideas.
  • Accelerate your career. You’ll be able to apply these learnings to your work, gaining professional growth and advancing your career.
  • Grow your network. You’ll get access to one-on-one guidance from your Course Coach and be able to engage with your lecturers and peers to grow your network.

What will you learn from the course?

Everything you need to know about digital payments is covered in the 12-week course. This includes mechanics, business models, risks, competition, disruption, customers, marketing, security, regulation and industry collaboration.

  • Payment systems. You’ll get to know, in-depth, the basics of money and how typical payments systems function, from interbank systems and card-based retail systems to mobile money and international payments.
  • Digital money ecosystems. You’ll gain an understanding of the broader ecosystems and market dynamics, focusing on what makes ecosystems healthy and recognising potential market disruptions.
  • Customer-centric marketing approaches. You will be able to analyse and contextualize the basic enablers on the demand side and identify customer attitudes and marketing approaches.
  • Technology. You’ll examine current and future opportunities in mobile and data channel environments, identity, virtual cards, mobile POS, and data security.
  • Policy and regulation. You’ll explore options to encourage industry collaboration, including interoperability, infrastructure sharing and standards.
  • Financial inclusion. You will gain critical insights into the challenges around financial inclusion and analyse the markets for lower-income people in developing countries.

What is a digital classroom?

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment which you can access from anywhere. During your course you will be able to:

  • View video lectures
  • Actively participate in your class discussions
  • Answer questions on course materials weekly
  • Learn from case studies
  • Complete weekly assessments
  • Attend bi-weekly calls with your classmates and Course Coach.

Is this course certified?

Yes. The Certificate in Digital Money course is certified by The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Massachusetts, and the Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI).

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